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Biggest Communication site for studying in India

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You can communicate with each other on INSTUDY website.People who are going to study in India, studying in India already, interested in India, or Indian students can use and communicate on this Website.

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You can create your own group whatever you want for such as Exchanging information for studying,recruitment for Business or Internship as well.

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You can get various information about Studying in India.And also You can search and get in touch with friends who have the same purpose as yours !!

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What’s INSTUY?


studying in India

We provide a lot of information about studying in India and help Foreign students coming and entering institute in India.


studying in Japan

INSTUDY is Japanese company.Then Sometimes,we provide sort of Japanese tour for India students.We can manage many kind of program such as Japanese culture,Japanese Life and so on.



We proceed kind of research and provide article about culture of India and Japan by English and Japanese language.

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