About Spic-And-Span Indian Malls


Shopping malls scattered here and there in India:

If you walk around the streets of Indian cities, you will notice umpteen shopping malls everywhere. Also, since these malls are all newly built, they are made of sophisticated architectural design and each has a unique aspect. Depending on the location, there are malls of different proportions and features, but like those in Japan, almost all of these malls have shops ranging from branded clothes and supermarkets for buying foodstuff to food court and entertainment areas.


You can easily buy clothes of good quality from these malls. However, since these products are branded ones, their prices are almost the same as those in Japan. All other products are way cheaper than in Japan, but you can get still cheaper ones downtown.


You might frequently go to shopping malls when you are a student in India.


Some troublesome rules of Indian shopping malls:

These shopping malls are expensive mainly because the people coming here seem from quite well off backgrounds.


Depending on the different malls, there are certain rules to be followed before entering:

1.In small or medium scale malls, you have to leave your bags at the baggage counter (as a measure to prevent shoplifting).

2.There are times when you cannot leave your big carry bag at the baggage counter.

3.Although you need not leave your bags before entering large shopping malls, you need to leave them before entering each store in the mall.

4.Many times you cannot bring your carry bags inside big malls.

5.Before entering, you have to get yourself frisked. (There is a separate woman security guard for frisking women.)

6.After you finish shopping, your receipt will be checked to verify what you bought. (In malls having this rule, it is difficult to avoid the queue for checking.)

Especially You need to be extra careful with your carry bag.

If you are told that you cannot carry your bags inside, it does not mean that you can keep them at the baggage counter.

If this happens, on one hand you cannot enter with your bag and one the other you cannot leave them at the counter. Being faced with this problem, many people give up their shopping plans altogether! Even on seeing this, the people working in the mall don’t come to your help.


If this happens with you, you can go to a nearby hotel, tell them about your situation, show your passport and ask them to keep your bags for Rs200-300. You might come across hotel managers saying “You look suspicious! No way! GO AWAY!” But there are many hotels who will cope with you.


I think it is intriguing to have a tour of shopping malls in India. After all they give you so many insights into their operations!


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