Let’s ride a bike in India.


Let’s ride a bike in India.

The main means of transport in India are bus, rickshaw, taxi and train.

But buses are so full of people beyond their capacity it feels like a bargain sale where you can stuff unlimited things you want to buy. Local trains not only do not ply to the places you want to go, but also they are so disorganized that you wonder if there really is a train schedule. I would recommend rickshaws or taxis but it is difficult to catch them in evening rush hours and sometimes they refuse to take you to long distances.

So I recommend you to buy or rent a bike if you know how to ride one.

Here I would like to inform you about how to rent a bike.

  1. Find a rental bike shop:

In India almost no bike rental places have a proper shop or store. You can search on the internet but most of the times the information given there is misleading, hence please be careful. I would recommend asking Indian friends to help you find one, or if you don’t have Indian friends you can ask in bike repair shops. They are usually kind and help you out.

  1. Selecting the type of bike:

At the bike shop, tell them your preferred type of bike. International students in India usually prefer Honda Activa or Honda Dio. If you do not have any specific preferences, you can just ask for a ‘125cc’ bike. By the way, in India you won’t find any 50cc bikes. Almost all of them are 125cc.

  1. Keep the required documents ready and submit them:

To rent a bike you will usually need the following documents:

Passport or Visa copy

C form (Certification form). It is provided to you by your hotel or residence owner.

Deposit money (You may have to pay around Rs3000 as deposit money depending on where you rent the bike.)

One month’s bike rent:

  1. Pay the bike rent every month

After you rent a bike, you have to pay the rent every month. Generally, as they do not have facilities for bank transfer, you need to go to the shop and pay every month.

This is all you need to do for renting a bike.

Also, while renting a bike, some procedures are legal and some illegal, but usually it does not matter.

Having a bike makes living in India 100 times fun!

The approximate rent per month for Honda Activa is Rs2000 to Rs3000 and for250cc bikes is Rs3500 to Rs4500. In tourist places like Leh, you can rent bikes for Rs500 to Rs800 per day.

So, let’s rent a bike and roam around India freely!

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