Procedure for FRO Registration

Procedure for FRO Registration

Indian tourist visa to can be acquired for a maximum period of 6 months.

However foreigners holding a visa which is for a period of more than six months (a student or business visa), as a rule have to register themselves at the Foreign Registration Office or FRO, which is located at the Pune Police Station.

Therefore, if you visit India for any purpose other than travelling, you cannot avoid FRO registration.

By going through the FRO registration procedure, you can experience the various inconveniences of living in India.

You can also experience another aspect of Indian culture, and therefore I think FRO gives you a real taste of living in India.

Here, I will explain the procedure for FRO registration:

I. First, keep the following documents ready:

• Passport and Visa and their copies

• Copy of passport page having entry stamp

• Provisional admission letter and its copy

• C form and its copy

• Rent agreement and its copy (Rent agreement is the document having self and house owner’s photograph one it. There are two types of rent agreement. A simple contract which is easy to prepare and a formal contract which requires a complex procedure. Honestly, a simple contract is sufficient, but in some cases like buying a car, etc. there can be problems or restrictions.)

• Verification Letter (It is a document provided by the house owner and is enclosed in an envelope. In some cases, you have to go to the local police station to acquire it.)


II. Then, register yourself on the website given below. Before registering online, please read the instructions carefully. You will have to upload a few documents among the above stated.

Then, you have to take an appointment of the day you will visit FRO.
 PDF of Verification Letter is not required to be uploaded. Do not open the envelope.

III. Please take a printout of the online registration form after filling it.

The online form has to be filled through the below website:
(Pune Police)

The FRO registration procedure is extremely laborious.

I wish there were agents who would do this procedure for us, but unfortunately there are not. (Although rare, there are a few accommodations where they do the FRO registration on your behalf.)

Honestly, I hate FRO. I hate it more than anything.

Amongst the foreigners living in India, if there were anyone who does not hate FRO, I would say that person is a true masochist.

Although it is very troublesome for student visa holders, it is even more complicated for business or employment visa holders.

After being sent from one place to another, I finally understood the meaning of the Japanese word ‘tsumu’. (tsumu: to get closed in tightly. 詰む)

Above, I have explained the procedure for FRO registration, however it may not go as smoothly.

But you will definitely complete the registration if you keep trying.

You cannot fully experience India, if you do not go through the ordeal of FRO registration.

I hope you do your best and successfully go through it!

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