Our Website has been renewed into a networking site


Our website has been renewed into a networking site.

It has been about one year since instudy.jp was launched around this time previous year.

I had thought, “It would be sufficient if around 2-3 students would come in the first year”, but I was surprised to see many people showing interest and coming to India.

I was also surprised by how complicated this work was than I had expected.

Even now I feel it is really difficult to deal with in this country. I had to face problems that I never thought I would. Really…

I also caused a lot of trouble to my customers. It made me want to jump from a second floor window.

Last year, when I said that I would build a website specially for studying in India, I remember many people opposing me and giving negative opinions about it.

“Study in India is not in demand, right?”

“I don’t think anyone would go. At least wouldn’t.”

“You won’t make money out of it”

“No one is interested in it.”

I remember many people saying things like these.

Honestly, even I thought so.

But I had a stronger urge to try it.

I had the zeal to let people know that no other place is better than India for studying abroad.

I also was once a student in India and at that time too I thought India had a great potential and strength.

It is a country which has a population that will cross China’s and become the highest, a stabilized demographic composition, abundant superior manpower, high English proficiency, increasing consumer purchasing power, infinitely vast cropland, increasing infrastructure development and demand for construction.On top of it, it is also a pro-Japanese country.

India and Japan have deep ties historically as well as things like import of Buddhism thought, the united front formed by Chandra Bose (whose heroism is parallel to that of Gandhi’s) and Japan during the Second World War, the Battle of Imphal, Indian Independence and after that the actions of Judge Pal at the Tokyo Trail (this was mentioned by Prime Minister Modi during his visit to Japan), etc.

Also, the Indian government is trying to reform its system in order to increase foreign students (Although I think the reforms introduced this year were the most detrimental).

Limits for number of Indian students to be selected for scholarships to study in Japan also increased two fold in this year. The number is expected to increase further.

I think India-Japan ties in various fields can serve as a breakthrough for Japan which is reeling under declining domestic demand and falling birth rate.

Therefore, I think it will be useful for us to experience and understand the diversity and culture of India since it will become an extremely important country for Japan.

English can be learnt anywhere; at the station, through internet, etc.

But apart from English, studying abroad is about how you can experience things that will influence your values.

Therefore, I think you can gain many valuable experiences in this country.

But to really stay in India is a quite difficult feat.

Unpredictable procedures, credibility of information on websites and the feeling of being cornered in general undermine the option of coming to India for studying.

Therefore, to compensate this I built instudy.jp seeking to offer information about India, clarify the procedures and create a need of making India one of the options for studying abroad.

You may want to go to India when you know about the lifestyle there, the skills that you can learn and the experiences you can get.

Thankfully, many people have started co-operating and the website is also getting more and more visits by interested people.

But in this one year I felt that it will be a long way until India becomes a major student destination if we just offer information within our company.

Hence I decided to renew our website to this form.

This site has been renewed into a networking site along with an English version in order to facilitate exchanging information between people interested in studying in India and people planning to go to India.

And I hope that this site will be not only for Japanese but also for India,Korean,Arabic and people all over the world.

We are working for making a good relationship between India and Japan and with people all over the world.

In the meanwhile I hope everyone will run the site high.

I pray for the day to come when people will say, “Why are going to Australia for studying? Why not India?”

For that I will continue this progress, “A Complete Guide to Studying in India: Instudy.jp”, as an infrastructural site.

We are always looking for people to co-operate with us, hence please feel free to contact us.

You can also create a new account with Instudy.jp through you face book account.

So please come and create your account with us form here !

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