Common Things Japanese Students in India Do




Since I have been writing a lot based on my dogmatic and prejudiced views about India, this time I decided to write about the common things Japanese people do in India (based on my dogmatic and prejudiced views about Japanese students in India).

Below are some of the common things Japanese students in India do:

  1. For some reason they wear extremely simple or dirty clothes:

Although they come from an economically developed country, in comparison to people from other countries they wear somewhat simple or even shabby clothes.

You can often see Japanese people wearing only a monochromatic T- shirt with jeans, while Arab or African students are spot-on with the latest trends.

It can be used as a way of recognising Japanese people from the Koreans.

The first Japanese person I met in India was the most terrible.

He was an incredibly nice guy who had helped me a lot, but he would always wear a lacoste grey polo shirt (which I wonder if it was originally white) ripped at the sleeves and scruffy half pants.

I would wonder if he was a monk.

  1. During the first 2 or 3 months in India they are always irritated:

During this time they are irritated by the cultural gap between India and Japan and the tedious admission and foreign registration procedure.

I vividly remember my first few months when I too was annoyed.

I also remember how I used to roam around singing Yutaka Ozaki songs to relieve stress.

However after a few months you get accustomed to Indian life and realise that it is pointless to stay irritated all the time, and start living a stress-free life.

  1. They fall sick on coming to India:

They usually fall sick due to lack of nutritional diet.

This is probably because until they get used to living in India they tend to often eat fast food

. No matter where you go be sure that you eat healthy food.

  1. Are on the tight rope in terms of money:

Students going to America, Australia or Philippines usually go for short term periods and receive financial help from their parents.

On the other hand, students coming to India usually oppose their parents’ wishes and therefore live on their own savings.

They also stay for longer periods and hence tend to be frugal.

  1. They are very close to Koreans:

While they meet people from many different countries they get along well with Koreans more.

As they cannot share a drink with students from Islamic countries, it is easier to drink and get along with Koreans.

  1. They are spontaneous and somewhat peculiar:

Although it takes a lot of time to make up your mind to come to India, these people have to overcome difficulties like tedious admission procedures, lack of information and breaking stereotypes even after coming here. People who go through all these things, in my opinion, have something unusual about them.

  1. They grow shaggy beard:

Although they do not grow beard when they are in Japan, many of them do in India.

I too tried it but as I have innately thin beard, it did not look cool and I eventually gave up.


That’s all.

There is a lot more I want to write, but my fingers are too tired so I will keep it till here this time.

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