Things that happen a lot in India: Part 3 Japanese become complainers in India


Things that happen a lot in India: Part 3 Japanese become complainers in India

Japanese become complainers in India.

In Japan, no matter which shop you visit, they treat customers like King.

The shopkeepers and the customers both think that it is obvious and they expect a service of good quality.

But in India, a customer comes third.

Even while dealing with a customer, if the shopkeeper gets a call he attends it almost 100 percent of the times. The cash counter is sluggish and they do not greet you with a smile.

This country does not seem to have the ‘business smile’ so much in shops.

When I asked a shopkeeper for something I was looking for he said,

“I don’t know”

There are many times when you think, “What are you doing here then!?”

The other day when I went to McDonalds, the Coke was warm and there was no ice in it. That was obviously not okay so I went to complain.

I: “I’m sorry but this Coke is warm. Can I get it changed?”

Employee: “It’s not possible because the Coke machine is broken”

I: “No, I can’t drink a warm Coke so please change it.”

The employee reluctantly gave me another one.

I went to my seat with the new Coke and on taking a sip I realised it was cold but there was almost no soda.

“What is this? Gum syrup!?”I went to the counter again.

I: “There is no soda in this!”

Employee: “No, as the machine is broken I had to serve the Coke from the fridge.”

I: “No no! You take a sip! There is no soda at all!!There is no point in a Coke without soda.”

I was wondering why I had to argue about Coke at this age!

After that I just had my no soda cola exchanged for a juice.

All the Japanese coming to India turn in to complainers.

That is because things do not go smoothly and you have to complain and get things done.

Unlike in Japan even on waiting for a long time probability of getting a good service are kind of low sometime.

But if you complain, Indians work very flexibly your way. Their flexibility of work is more than that in India.

In India you have to demand a lot of things to get a satisfactory service. That is why they become the complainers.

An acquaintance once went and said to the waiter at a café, “You said this sandwich is not spicy! But it IS spicy! Get me another one!”

That was unreasonable even for me but in India you DO need to be a complainer.

In fact people who are not complainers do not come to India in the first place.

You get so adapted to this that when you return to Japan you stop getting annoyed by trivial things.

You get so used to unimaginable things happening to you that when you have a problem in Japan you say, “That’s it?”

Even if you see a waiter who does not give good service, instead of saying, “He is such a bad waiter!”

you say, “He does not get essential points done but he is doing a good job.”

Although it is sad that you lose the subtleness and fineness peculiar to Japanese people, I think balance is also important!

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