Few Things to be Aware of at a Petrol Pump


I feel that if you rent a bike in India you can experience a lot more things than you would otherwise. Hence I support bike renting in India (although on your own responsibility).


Be careful when you go to petrol pumps! You might get cheated there!

It was when I had just come to Pune.

Case 1: They divide the amount of petrol to be filled in two.

Petrol Pump Attendant: How much do you want?

Me: Of Rs. 500

Attendant: Ok. I’ll divide it in two, alright?

Me: In two?? Why?? Anyway, okay!

Before filling in, I had just glanced at the meter and it was showing ‘Rs. 200’. But I ignore it.

Attendant: That was Rs. 250. Now I’ll fill 250 more.

Me: Thanks.

After that, I checked the petrol tank. It was supposed to be filled to the brim, but it was only half filled. I knew I was cheated so I went back to the petrol stand to complain. But I realised that I could not remember the face of the attendant. For oriental people, all Indians look similar. Indians think of us the same.

I remembered that the attendant had a beard so I went up to a person with a similar beard and complained to him. He said, “What? What are you talking about?”

I had no choice but to give up.

Case 2: They claim to fill high speed petrol.

Then there was this case…

Attendant: How much?

Me: Rs. 500

Attendant: We also have high speed petrol.

Me: High speed? What is it?

Attendant: It is a little expensive. But it’s really fast!

Me: Really?? High speed! Okay!!

Attendant: Okay.

Then the attendant started filling petrol. It just took 2 seconds (Usually it takes about 15 seconds.)

Attendant: There, isn’t it fast?

Me: What? Is that what you mean by ‘high speed’?

The attendant glared at me and said, “It’s okay…The next person is waiting so go away!”

Helplessly I went ahead and checked the petrol tank. As expected, only about 1 meter of it was filled. I knew it was useless but I still went to the attendant and complained. He said, “I don’t understand English. Talk in Hindi!”

“You were speaking in English a while back!”

What the hell was that?! Who would ask for such high speed petrol?

Case 3: They manipulate the meter by making you look away from it.

Attendant: How much?

Me: Rs. 400

This time I had decided to be firm. I decided to first check whether I had been cheated or not and then pay the money. While I was gazing at the meter, the attendant tried to get my attention.

Attendant: Hey! Look at the tank! Be careful.

Me: What? What happened?

Attendant: See! I am filling petrol properly, right?

Me: So what?

I did it! I took my eyes away from the meter!

But this time I had taken my eyes away for just a moment. He was perhaps a kind person. I want to trust a person! I will trust a person! If I cannot trust someone now, it is better that I am betrayed.

Yes, again there was no petrol in the bike.

I knew it was useless to complain, so I gave up. Thus, I can only be amazed at the petrol pump attendants for coming up with such ways to cheat people. But I stopped smiling at petrol pumps after such experiences. But the whole of India is not a petrol pump.

In some places you don’t get cheated at all. In fact, you rarely get cheated. It also depends on the morals of the attendants sometimes.

I wrote this article because I recalled it and got annoyed. Yes, I am not a person of big heart.

But it is common to come across such cheats where there are more foreigners. Especially, the petrol pump at Koregaon Park in Pune is the worst, so please be careful.

Well, such things happen once in a while. But I will not forget to be trusting and don’t mind getting cheated again.

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